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The Australian DX Report has now joined the CENTURY CLUB!

Here is EPISODE NO. 100!


Bob Padula

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Greetings from Melbourne, Australia!

Here is Episode no. 99 of the Australian DX Report audio magazine, containing the latest information about world shortwave broadcasting.

Professionally sourced propagation and monitoring notes are included.

Your  feedback, comments, suggestions,  criticisms are welcomed!

Best regards!

Bob Padula 

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Here is the latest episode of the Australian DX Report, No. 98.

Many interesting news items are included concerning HF schedules, propagation, and monitoring.

If you are not already a member, please consider joining the ELECTRONIC DX PRESS RADIO MONITORING ASSSOCIATION,  only AUD/$US10 annually!

EDXP is now in its 13th year of continuous operations.

Ful details at

The Australian DX Report is compiled from information already distrubuted via Email to EDXP members.

Regards from Melbourne, Auistralia 


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Here is the Australian DX Report audio news magazine, episode 97, with lots of news about shortwave broadcasting!

Best regards from Melbourne, Australia



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